Metalcore and Pokemon

Hi! I´m Kevin and as you may already know by seeing the headline, a huge fan of Metalcore and Pokemon!

On this site, i want to share my passion with you. So, if you click on “Menü+” on your phone, or, if you are on your pc, look at the menu on the left side, you´ll find my Blog, Podcast and YouTube Channel, which are all about Metalcore and Pokemon!

Also, if you click on “Music”, you can listen to my songs. I hope you have a great time here! Keep on rockin!

For the moment, my blog articles, podcasts and most of my videos are only available in german. Right now, i am working on english content, which will be released soon.


Hi! Ich bin Kevin und wie du sicher schon oben gesehen hast, ein riesen Fan von Metalcore und Pokemon!

Unter “Menü+” (vom Handy) oder links im Menü (vom PC/Laptop)  findest du meinen Blog, Podcast und YouTube Channel mit Artikeln und Videos rund um die Metalcore und Pokemon Szene. Zudem kannst du dir meine Songs unter “Music” anhören.

Ich freue mich, dass du da bist und wünsche dir viel Spaß hier!

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